Brothers of Bethlehem

There’s never a dull day! We boys have been called in the midst of our play to assemble for a surprise. We chatter excitedly, for the Father’s surprises are always most pleasant!

We are told, as we gather in the street in front of our homes, that our Rescuer is coming to see us! We’ve been told He recently did the most amazing thing in that other place, and now He’s coming to live here – here with us! Almost before I’m finished saying that, there He is! He’s just appearing several paces away, walking quickly toward us wearing a warm smile. As we most excitedly gather around Him, He wraps us in His arms and lifts us each, in turn, into a bear hug. He’s really pressing His cheek into mine! Is that a tear I feel? There is no weeping here, yet maybe He allows Himself a tear. Nevertheless, I’ve never felt anything like the love He has for me. It radiates from Him! It makes me radiant in turn! Jesus, Lamb of God! Our King! Holding me to His breast!
But . . . what? Before I can even absorb what is happening, He’s saying that He has another surprise for us, that we should be still and watch where the road curves around a forest of trees. What could it be? My mind races in anticipation. It is having quite a time being still.

Here I am with my Savior, yet I’m remembering things – like how we were whisked away before the wicked blades of evil could violate us. We’ve been told we were but babies the same age as the Savior, but He escaped and we were taken. We’ve been told that our mothers, and, of course, our fathers too, have wondered why they were not warned as well. It would sadden us for our parents if we were still in the other place, but here we are happy for ourselves, we Brothers of Bethlehem.

We’ve been told that the times were very complicated. We’ve been given a part of a scenario that we can understand, and that is this: if all of our families had been warned of the coming wickedness, we would have been fleeing in groups that would have been easily tracked down and captured. The result would have been the same, except that He, and His family, would have been caught with us. We agree that that absolutely could not happen. You know why? We’ve been told it’s because He had to live – live a perfect life – until the time was right to do the most courageous thing ever that rescued us and brought us here. A perfect life! I know I never could have lived one . . . And what was the thing? How can I say this . . . should I say it? He took the blade that was meant for us . . . I said it and it’s good. It’s the truth. He looks at me and winks. He makes me so happy!

I’m back from my brief thought excursion. Something is about to happen! My attention is back where He told us to look, and there, coming from behind the trees, rounding the corner is a woman wearing blue and white linen. She is running gracefully as a deer, and as fast! Close behind her are many other women, also wearing beautiful linens, and close behind them are their husbands supporting them with shouts of encouragement. “Faster, loves! Faster! It’s our boys!

Oh my! That’s my mother out in front, and behind her is my father! I’d know her anywhere! Her name is Rachel and she’s looking right at me! I can’t contain my excitement and begin running, myself. I hear Jesus laughing loudly as I yell, “Come on, brothers, it’s them!”
I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but, now, I must correct myself. I said there was never a dull day here. That’s true, but it’s not enough. There is never a day without unbridled joy here! Thanks be to the Father, and to Jesus!


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