Thoughts On Prayer – Precious Prayer

I recently wrote about dust and mortality, and a spirit which persists, and endures, and is treasured by God. That short piece can be found here.
There is another thing of ours which persists eternally, endures the ravages of time and death, and is treasured by God.

That thing is prayer!

Our prayers are so important to Him, so precious, each one that is sincere and spotless in intention, ( I don’t know what to say about prayers that ask harm to others) that He has assigned a special angel to their care alone. (See Revelation 8: 1-5) (See also Psalm 141:2, which is very similar)
In the center of Heaven, in His throne room, where all plans for Heaven and earth are made, in the center of all power and glory, that angel is charged with constantly offering up to God the prayers of God’s people.
The prayers lie on a golden altar before His unimaginably astounding throne, obviously a sacred place reserved for precious treasure! Those prayers are raised up before God, cupped in the angel’s hands, mingled together with the sweet aroma of incense.
I picture countless precious, metallic-like leaves which are unpacked from the golden altar and handled one-by-one by the angelic High Keeper of Prayers, ( this notion is my own and it is extra-Biblical, so if it is of no help to you, please disregard it )

and I’ve no doubt that each one of those communications is seen and heard by The Lord God individually, and is instantly committed to His perfect memory where it will be integrated into His Plan. I imagine that the whole process happens so quickly that there is no lag time at all between the utterance or sending up of the prayer and His hearing and seeing of it.

In His hands, prayers take on solidity; a life of their own.They endure and live on, although those who sent them up may be long-departed. I believe each prayer is eternal, therefore having no half-life but being full of life! They might be thought of as the nuclear fuel of His plan, although, unlike nuclear fuel, they never degrade and they persist forever!
It’s difficult for us to grasp the concept of “forever”. It’s very difficult to grasp that God created time and can live inside time and outside of time all at “one time”! I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure He can view all of time at the same time! He can place Himself at a point in the past and start things in motion that will be an answer to a prayer I pray today. He can, I think, integrate all the prayers that were ever prayed, and will be prayed, and somehow make them result in ultimate, glorious Good.
Prayer is, in a sense, “talking to God”, speaking with your creator to thank Him, to praise Him, to ask for help, to simply ask why?, or will You?, or what shall I do?. I have to think that every word we say to Him is important to Him. I have to think He remembers every word. He must! Even the angry words, the harsh, the foolish, the hurtful, and the factual; the righteous words, and the sinful. It’s all part of the relationship, I think.
In a relationship we remember most things that have been said.
My cousin coined a word – revelationship! That’s a great word which kind of ties this whole piece together.

I just wanted to express the eternal persistence of our prayers.
I wanted to show that they are precious to God; treasured by Him, a sweet fragrance, as illustrated by the picture in Revelation of a special ritual involving an important angel, our Lord God, King of Heaven and Earth, and the prayers of His people. It is a very important scene which is evidence and confirmation that praying is of prime importance! No wonder we are told to pray constantly . . . about everything!



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