Changing Fathers; Who’s My Daddy?

“What father, when you ask for a loaf of bread, would give you a rock?

What father, when you ask for a fish, would give you a snake?

Or if you ask for an egg, what father would give you a scorpion?”

My “first” and former “spirit father” did that.

He always gave me something terrible disguised as good, for “he” is evil; “he” is the father-of-lies.

There was always “something fishy” about that unsavory character. In John 8:44, Jesus says something important and powerful of “him” (to the Pharisees): “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father-of-lies.

Jesus also called this devil, this Satan,
“the enemy”

“the evil one”,
“prince of this world”,
“the tempter”,
“the accuser”.

“prince of demons”,
“the god of this world”.

It follows that we live “behind enemy lines” in this world. The enemy “owns” it in a sense. He usurped it from the rightful owners, our original ancestors, through fraud, deception, and deceit. The father/master of deceit is the originator of the first sin; he told the first lie. Of course, our progenitors were, more or less, willing accomplices in giving away what had been theirsthe entire world, even the entire universe. Today he still entices people to unwittingly give up wonders that are rightfully theirs.

Yet we born-again believers, we “new believers” are safe in our “new” Father’s stronghold, the same as those who have “always” believed. Not safe from pain, suffering, and persecution, necessarily, but at peace and safe in His promises; safe from the everlasting soul-death that the god-of-this-world wants for us.

We are soul-safe!

I disinherited and disowned the god-of-lies-of-this-world! I renounce, deny, and avoid him. He is my sworn enemy. The enemy of my soul.  There is no love in him, only the love of himself. I have a truckload of negative things to say about the father-of-lies, but maybe it is best to leave those to Jesus, who knows him best; Jesus, who said it all in red letters! You can see everything He said for yourself, and you really should!


My “new” spiritual Papa. My Abba. My “new” Daddy! I worship Him!
He spoke my name in eternity long before
He formed my body.
I’m certain He spoke to me inside my mother
and outside, before I could think or speak myself.
Sadly, I forgot that Paternal voice,
only to finally recognize it in my spirit
many decades later.
I began to remember Him!
I realized He had never forgotten me!
I saw the Light I had been blinded to!
I. Changed. Fathers!
And I’m forever grateful, and glad, and filled with Joy!

My “new” Father- the REAL, the ONLY – the first One – who always gives me far better than I ask or deserve, sooner or later, if I am patient. The best of bread, even if I asked for undeserved stale crumbs; the tastiest of fish, even if I would have settled for half-spoiled mudfin.
I discovered that principles I had rejected were actually true;
that while I was still His enemy, and a prodigal far from Him,

He made my reconciliation and my redemption
possible through Jesus’ loving sacrifice.
He welcomed me home with open arms.

 He extends to me forgiveness and undeserved grace.
He serves me new mercy every morning.
He leads me into the light and stays with me there.
There is no evil in Him, only good.
As far as I know, He doesn’t hate anyone or anything except for evil.
He does not promote fear. He desires love and devotion.
 He loves unconditionally and extravagantly.
He is love.
While the   false, fraudulent, “father”   stews in defeat,
Father God sends His Holy Spirit to me, through Jesus,
to help begin to clean me up; make me righteous; dress me up;
make me “look” my best, 
for I am a part and a member of something extraordinary.
Something indescribably beautiful which He calls
The Bride of His beloved Son.

One day, I will be adorned gloriously with my siblings,
worthy to stand next to The Groom
in the presence of His; of our,
Highest Father.

~  ~  ~

 I am blessed to have discovered
the identity of my real Father.
The Great One,
Ancient of Days,
Who loves me!
Not everyone is so fortunate.
If you don’t know, there are only two options.
One choice.
Who is your daddy?
Choose wisely.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy Campbell
    Feb 19, 2019 @ 11:22:43

    I’m so glad we are soul-safe! Thank you for sharing your heart, Lenn.


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