Witnessing A Shark Attack

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Along with millions of other people,
I saw a shark try to attack a surfer on a live television broadcast.

It was so much like life, so much a metaphor for this worldly existence:

From my vantage point, I can see the stealthy
approach of the spiritual enemy when the victim cannot.

I feel the escalating danger of the situation.
I watch in dismay as the predator circles,
quickly judging the unsuspecting prey and planning its attack.
sizing him up,
figuring him out,
taking his measure,
(the English language is so full of idioms like those)

It all happens very quickly. IT has done this countless times before,
with countless victims.
I’m tempted to say it is “second nature”, but it is not;
it is the assailant’s primary nature, to kill and destroy,
That is ITs base and core nature.
I watch ITs final turn and am outraged at the savagery of ITs lunge.
I feel helpless.
I want to shout a warning.
I want to give him eyes to see the beast.
I want to somehow jump into the space between him and the killer.
I want to arm him and give him ammunition.

I want to pull him out of the scene –
somehow snatch him away from imminent death.
What I end up doing is saying a hasty prayer.

In the real-life television story,
the surfer punched the shark and escaped shaken but unharmed.
Psychologically damaged, maybe –
he said he might not ever go into the ocean again.

But in real, real-life, the victim never escapes the wiles
of the spiritual enemy through their own power,

their own intellect,
their own knowledge,
their own skill,
nor their own efforts.
They always must be saved from the predatory beast.

What can I do to save them?
I can only tell them about the enemy of their soul and spirit,
about ITs nature, and tactics,
and strategy of deception.
I can illustrate how their imminent destruction will take place.
I can point to the danger, and shout warning;
try to give them eyes to see the hideous beast.
I can try to arm them with the truth about IT.
I can stand in the gap in front of them in prayer,
which is more useful,
but most useful of all, I can tell them of the one who can save them –
the only one.
He is the one who can do all of the above,
all that no-one else can do –
He has defeated death and defeated IT – the enemy –
for all who believe in Him.
That includes you, dear reader, if you desire it.

It is His nature. He has done it countless times.
I know, because He did it all for me when I first believed;
when I just believed Him!

So, all I can do is pray that they find Him,
and I can plant the seeds of His truth
and of His love for them.

If He could save me from the stealthy,
fatal attacks

of that bestial,
killer of my soul,

He. Can. Save. Anybody!





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