Another Divine Paradox

Another Divine Paradox

And then I considered Job…….


“Oh, Divine paradox that trials may be desirable,
That attack indicates being on the right track,
That oppression can be a positive expression,
That the enemy’s wrath means I’m on the right path,
That God weaves the brambles of satan’s discouragement into a soft, glorious, robe of encouragement.


When I was newly born-again I was warned that I would be attacked because the devil considered me vulnerable (or possibly dangerous). 
That happened several times, but I withstood because forewarned was forearmed!  But, as I grew in faith, and with the passage of time, that warning wore off.  Now, every time I drop my guard, the debbil is ready and very willing to punch me where it hurts, especially just when I feel I’m getting closer to God.  It seems that he attacks when threatened.  Doesn’t want to be forgotten by his old pal who has betrayed and forsaken him.  He wants his revenge, no doubt.  The ultimate stalker.  The quintessential murderer.  Should we take it as a sign that we are on the “right track” with the Lord when we are sore-oppressed by the enemy?  I think so, yes.   “Because God redeems even this….”
By this be encouraged, oh People.  Be forewarned, and stand your ground.
Remember, the more worthy the adversary, the more cunning and vicious satan’s attack.  Be a worthy adversary anyway!

(“Each time God sits a writer down to write, satan knows he’s lost another fight”)
Wink    😉




I Strive, Therefore I Rant

I’m Chaff Rantley (Gloryteller’s erstwhile cousin and alter ego) and I thank Gloryteller for this forum.  Sorry if I step on any toes in here, but I gotta blow some steam off.

What set me off was when I saw how some gubmint types were tryin to tell Californica people how their kids WAS gonna git vaxinatened  to prevent their STD’s.  Also how the kids CAN’T git a tan, both of these whether the parents want it or not.  Elsewhere, they want to go around the parents on healthcare things and abortion too.  Apparently parents aint smart enough anymore to make decisions about there own children and aint able to raise them and give them values without “help” from the Power That Be.

Lately, well fer the last couple years, I been hearin’, readin’, and watchin’ how the gubmint, (ok – guv-ern-ment) has been growin’ bigger and bigger and more powerful to boot.  They’s spendin money jist like they actchally have it – which they don’t.  (and won’t unless they Tax Somebody harder)

I read where the Chief of the Administration – the Prez – has appointed hisself about 32 or more Czars (ain’t thet a Russian word?)  and not a single one of them is elected, or is accountable to us or our representatives only to the president.  We pay them but what they do, God only knows.

The Supreme court seems to be makin law from their high benches which they have no constitutional right to do.

And if that aint bad enough, the Congress – our own dang personal representatives – somehow can’t seem to do what WE want them ta do, but only what benefits THEM personally and politically and finanscially.  THEY ARE MAKING AND ENFORCING LAWS WHICH AFFECT US BUT THAT THEY, THEMSELVES, ARE EXEMPT FROM.  THEY RAISE THEIR OWN PAY AND BENEFITS AND LET US PAY FOR THAT.

I say make them ALL – all the branches of gubmint, all them politicians, judges, lawyers, Presidents, Czars, Senators, Representatives, legislators, and governers live under OUR minimum wages, Our Medicare,  Our Social Security, our lack of jobs, our lack of control over our own lives, and then tax the livin’ hell outa them besides.  Make ’em live within a budget!  Balance their checkbooks!  No bale-outs!  No 100% lifetime pensions and free stuff when they “re-tire”.  THEN  JIST SET BACK AND WATCH!!!   Kin y’all imagine how fast things would change then?  (Yet, I know that we, the public would not want anything, any change, that raises debt for us or our children.  We see the need to live within our means whether we have learned this through parental wisdom or through bad experience with  oppressive debt. IF AMERICA HAS TO BITE A BULLET, WE ALL SHOULD BITE A BULLET)

Here’s a comment I gave to the smart, nice, lady writer,  Rebecca LuElla Miller when she wrote and ranted a little about this topic.  I took my rant a bit farther, Rebecca.  Hope thets OK, cuz I really tried hard to be my most formal, my most rational, and spellin’ right too . . .

“That is the liberal mindset – that the ‘governance’ is smarter, knows more, and is more able to make wise decisions concerning how we spend our money, how we raise our children, how we run our businesses, and what values we hold. To a liberal, it is government who giveth and government who taketh it, in turn, away; and to most perfectly achieve those ends, the governing body should be as large and powerful as possible. This is unacceptable doctrine. It demeans us as individuals and as a society. It far exceeds, even perverts the original tenets and intentions that we have a REPUBLIC; of, for, and by the people. Yes, in a republic, supreme power lies with its citizens.
Let us apply our rants where they will have the most effect – send the clearest message – in OUR polling places backed up by prayer in OUR places of worship (while they still remain OURS)!”

Lord, help us fight the selfishness we ALL have!  And let us not hate, but do what is right and act as You would have us do.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

I’m Rantin’ Chaff Rantley, American, and I’m jist sayin’…..


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