On Using Seemingly Questionable Christmas Traditions For Good



“What do you think about the lie of Santa Clause?” asked nobody.
“Sure, I’d be glad to weigh in on the Santa controversy,” I replied . . .

It has been said, ad nauseum, that secular traditions such as Christmas trees, Santa Clause, and even the word “Christmas” should be condemned by Christians because they distract and detract from the true meaning of Christ’s birth. I disagree. Those many traditions are so ingrained into society that they cannot be reversed nor abolished. They can be used in a positive manner, however. I’ve already shown how the Christbirth (Christmas) tree points to Jesus Christ. It is easy for me, to tell how Santa’s (“Saint Nicholas‘ “) life and existence points, as well, to the life and teachings of Jesus. It’s the same for the the gift-giving, the lights, and the joyous celebrating. I believe that we should not only accept, as a fact of life, the secular traditions; the things that have been distorted and perverted away from the original intent of honoring the Christchild, but turn them back upon themselves to their true purpose which is to celebrate His birth, to point to Him, to emulate Him, and to glorify Him in the unfettered, hopeful, optimistic, rejoicing manner in which the host of angels announced His arrival to us. I believe that is our commission, our duty, and our pleasure, as believers and beneficiaries of His miraculously humble, and humbling, gift to every one of us.

Whatever you do,
Whatever you think,
Seek Him in all things
And have yourself a merry,
Have yourself a joyous,
Give Him all your glory,
Keep it Christmas-Story-ous!





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  1. kingdom777
    Jan 04, 2014 @ 03:33:47

    One of the best things I ever did was tie a gift to Jesus on a Christmas tree – at Church. I’m so glad they suggested we do it. Who cares if it used to be a Pagan symbol. Who made trees after all?
    God bless, and Happy New Year.

    • Gloryteller
      Jan 05, 2014 @ 12:24:25

      Yes! Who made ALL trees and people, including pagans? In a sense, weren’t we all pagans before we came to Jesus?
      Didn’t we all have our heathen symbols and idols? Don’t we even still hold on to some? Furthermore, isn’t it our
      commission to turn ALL people back to Jesus, using any symbols and idols as means to focus on Him?
      Good story and good point, sister!
      Blessings, and a happy 2014 to you in return.

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